Article: The Evolution of an Investor

This article is over three years old, but its story is quite interesting and its message profound so I thought I'd link to it now.  It's the story of Blaine Lourd, who got rich as a stock broker, but later changed his tune when he realized he was nothing more than a salesman pushing companies for no particular reason other than making money for himself.  He wasn't serving the best interest of his clients.  Eventually, he decided to take action and now only recommends Dimensional Fund Advisors' index funds to his clients.

It's a fairly lengthy piece, but definitely worth the read.  Check out The Evoluation of an Investor by Michael Lewis, the financial journalist who has written for Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine as well as published several best-selling books, on


  1. Great post. I linked to it on my site and recommended it highly. Michael Lewis is one of my favorite writers. Thanks for resurrecting this valuable piece.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, Michael Lewis is a great writer. I particularly liked his (not finance related) article about Shane Battier, The No-Stats All-Star, in The NY Times Magazine. Really intriguing stuff. Oh, and thanks for linking to me!

  3. Way to many investors connot control their impulse to sell.


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